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([personal profile] kiya Oct. 15th, 2017 10:54 pm)
I don't know why On The Naming of Cats (and other Things) didn't crosspost properly and I'm too fucking tired to chase it down.
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([personal profile] kiya Oct. 13th, 2017 09:42 pm)
Need to sort through.

Too tired to brain so this is exciting all around.

Mostly for me )
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([personal profile] fiver Oct. 6th, 2017 04:04 pm)
Dear Yuletide author,

First of all, thank you very much for writing for me! I look forward to whatever you produce.

Second, don't get too nervous--I love participating in exchanges.

I've made three requests this year from very different fandoms. Whichever one you decide to write for, here are some things I enjoy:
  • Humor, mixed with seriousness or not
  • Particularly odd romantic or sexual situations (if you want to go that way)
  • Character exploration

I don't care too much about specific canon details for the stories I've requested. I know that the canons in question--Marvel Comics, Lovecraft's mythos, and Final Fantasy--can play pretty fast and loose with the rules themselves sometimes.

I'll repeat my requests here for convenience.

#1: Black Widow (Comics)
  • In Nathan Edmondson's recent run on Black Widow, Natasha grudgingly adopted a black cat named Liho (an old-fashioned Russian word for "evil" or "bad luck" or "the devil"). I'd like to see a story exploring that side of her character--the reluctantly vulnerable side of her that takes care of small vulnerable creatures while still being tough as nails in her own way. If you're not familiar with that particular run, it doesn't have to be about Liho in particular, of course! But I do love cats.
  • I'm a Bucky/Natasha fan, but I have no problems with the story just being about Natasha, or about her relationships with other characters.

#2: The Cthulhu Mythos
  • I'm not picky about this one: I'd just like to see a more whimsical and positive take on all these eldritch abominations. Is there any way a relationship (of any kind) between a mortal human being and some kind of unfathomable elder god could actually work?
  • I've picked characters, but I don't really have specific attachments to them--any Lovecraftian or Cthulhu-esque horror you want to work with, I'm fine with.

#3: Final Fantasy IV
  • Final Fantasy IV is a pretty bare-bones game as plot and characterization goes, considering its era--but I've always been curious how the relationship between spoiled prince Edge and mysterious troubled summoner Rydia would have developed if it had been expanded beyond jokes and hints.
  • I don't necessarily want to see them hook up and have babies ever after, but I'd like to see some exploration of the brief dynamic between them in canon where he flirts and she brushes him off awkwardly but shows some kind of interest at the end.
  • I still haven't played the After Years, so I'd prefer not to get too deep into that.

Once again, thank you, and I hope you enjoy writing for me!



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